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Energy Research

  • Lift Energy Consumption Model (2002-date, Client:  ThyssenKrupp U.S.A).


  • Intelligent Braking System for Heavy Duty Escalators, Hyde Park Corner Station, Tubelines/London Undergrond (2002-2003, Client:  WSP Building Transportation).

  • Category 1 Standards for Electrical Services and Lift & Escalators, London Underground (Client:  Pell Frischmann Consultants, 2003-2004).
  • Survey of Underground Escalators at Highbury & Islington Tube Station during CTRL Tunnelling (2003-2004, Client:  Channel Tunnel Rail Link). 

  • New Escalator Design Assessment & Assurance, Kings Cross Station Rdedevelomet (2003, Metronet Rail SSL).

  • Development of Procurement Specifications for Heavy Duty Escalators, Tubelines/London Underground (2003, Client:  Tubelines, London.
  • New York Cty Transit Authority (NYCT) Station Capacity Assessmet Study, (2003, Client:  Pell Frischmann Consultants, Bishops Stortford, U.K.).

  • Implementation of Escalator Braking System Testing and Maintenance, Tyne & Wear Metro, Newcastle (2003, Client:  Nexus).

  • Investigation into Escalator Pile Up Incident at Monument Station, Tyne & Wear Metro, Newcastle (2004, Client:  Nexus).

  • Escalator Fieldbus Study, Sloane Square Underground Station (2004, Client: Metronet Rail SSL).

  • Standards for Heavy Duty Escalators, Metronet Rail BCV (2003-2004, Client:  Metronet Rail BCV, London).
  • Clapham North Tube Station, Escalator number 1 brake testing, London Underground (2004, Client:  Tube Lines).


  • Due dilligence Survey, 30 The South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5EU

Pedestrian Traffic Analysis

  • DR Copenhagen Concert Hall, Pedestrian Traffic Analysis and Evacuation Cycles (2002-2003, Client:  WSP Building Transportation) [concert hall on 7 levels].

Elevator Traffic Analysis/ Lift Traffic Analysis

  • Kuwait Business City, Kuwait City (2004, Client:  F+K, UK) [49 floor office tower and 26 floor resiential tower]
  • Moscow Tower Elevator Traffic Analysis (2004, Client:  ThyssenKrupp, Neuhausen, Germany) [84 floor office tower].

  • Bishops Quay Elevator Traffic Analysis, Limerick (2004, Client:  Mid Western Lift Services).

  • Terminal 5 CIP Lounges, Heathrow (2002-2004, Client:  WSP Building Transportation).

Lift/Elevator Project Consultancy 

  • West India Quay, 1 Harstmere Road (2002-2004, Client:  F+K, UK).

  • Home Office Central London Accommodation Scheme (HOCLAS), Marsham Street, London (2002-2004, Client:  WSP Building Transportation).

  • Snowhill, London (2002-2004, Client:  WSP Building Transportation).
  • Hermes Store, New Bond Street (2004, Client:  Flack+Kurtz, UK).
  • Ebury Gate, 23 Lower Belgrave Street, Victoria, London (2003-2004, Client:  WSP Building Transportation).


  • Fatality Incident Investigation, OOCL, Montreal (2003, Client:  Gordon Marine, London).