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1- Pedestrian Traffic Analysis

Pedestrian flow analysis related to vertical transportation systems (e.g., detailed analysis showing egress time by floor for a 7 storey concert hall).

2- Elevator Traffic Analysis (also see Elevator Traffic Analysis)

The use of software simulation to calculate passenger flows in a building with lifts.

3- Concept Design of Vertical Transportation Systems in Buildings (also see Elevator Traffic Analysis)

Concept design of vertical transportation systems for new premises (Offices, airport terminals, racecourses and especially hospitals).  This includes sizing and selecting suitable equipment, grouping and location to achieve performance parameters (qualitative and quantitative parameters such as waiting time and handling capacity).  In addition full dimensional, structural and electrical schedules are produced.

4- Comparison of different modes of Vertical Transportation Systems

Comparison of journey time for both lifts and escalator (e.g., finding the optimum number of floor served by escalators whereby the other floors were served by lifts in a 6 floor building with heavy traffic to lower floors).

5- Whole Lift Asset Planning

Whole life cost analysis for new vertical transport systems (leading to complete asset management systems) considering capita costs, maintenance cost, energy cost and decommissioning costs.  This also includes business case analysis (cost-benefit ratio analysis) for alterations/new public vertical transport services (e.g., railway, underground station). This information can be used to building complete whole life asset plans to consider optimal replacement and refurbishment strategies.

6- Energy Consumption Studies for Lifts and Escalators

Derivation of models to predict energy consumption (depending on various technologies and passenger flows).  Actual measurements of energy consumed.

7- Riding Comfort for Lifts & Escalators

Riding comfort measurements and analysis for lifts and escalators (measuring noise and vibration that provide an objective measure of the ride quality).  Examination of the quality of the stop on escalators in order to prevent passenger falls.

8- Incident investigations (covering technical as well as human aspects)

9- Escalator Braking Systems

Analysis of braking systems for escalators, including the concept design of intelligent braking systems for escalators.

10- Electrical Systems for Lifts and Escalators

Full range of electrical system analysis, design and testing for lifts and escalators.

11- Surveys and condition assessment of lifts and escalators.

12- Writing/developing standards and specifications for vertical transportation systems or railways.