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We strive for highest standards and professionalism in serving our clients.  This section outlines our statements and policies that help us achieve these aspirations.

Mission Statement

To become the preferred vertical transportation consultancy within the build office environment and within the railway industry in the UK, providing specialized and in depth expertise and using innovative solutions in solving problems and adding value for customers.

Health and Safety Policy

Al-Sharif VTC is totally committed to the health and safety of its staff, its contractors and the general public.  The Company supports this commitment by providing suitable, adequate and effective training to its staff, and by co-operating with its clients and contractors on safety related matters.

Al-Sharif VTC is committed to health and safety by creating an injury-free workplace.  To attain and hold this we affirm that: 
·        We hold safety and health as our highest values.

·        All accidents and injuries are preventable.

·        We operate on the basis of continuous improvement.

·        Safety is everyone's responsibility.

·        We continually talk about safety.

·        Job training and positive feedback are essential.

·        Safety is a key indicator of organizational excellence..

·        We consider safety in every task we perform and in every decision we make.

·        We are concerned about our safety and that of fellow employees, families, customers, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Policy

Al-Sharif VTC is committed to environmental leadership, instilling the highest environmental values in all employees, utilizing the best environmental practices in all we do, and focusing on sustainable growth. 
Al-Sharif VTC is committed to:

1. Operating beyond compliance with all applicable laws and regulations by uniformly meeting environmental management system standards, and other voluntary principles.Integrating environmental goals into our business strategies and plans.

2. Striving for zero waste, 100% resource efficiency, and enhancement of the environment.Utilizing innovative technologies and leveraging best practices for the greatest environmental gain and continuous improvement.

3. Fostering an environmental ethic among our management, employees, customers and suppliers.

4. Enhancing corporate social responsibility by supporting environmental health and education, conservation and community-based programs.