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Al-Sharif Vertical Transportation Consultancy Limited

Specialists in elevator/lift traffic analysis, railways and elevator/lift energy consumption

Al-Sharif VTC was established by Dr. Lutfi Al-Sharif in September 2002, as a vertical transportation consultancy providing advice and design in the areas of lifts and escalators.

Today, we serve 21 Clients in the areas of Design in Buildings, Railways, Research & Development and incident investigation.

We specialise in providing consultancy in the area of vertical transportation systems for buildings and railway stations.  Our scope includes both the 'soft' as well as the 'hard' aspects of vertical transportation systems, covering lifts/elevators, escalators and general pedestrian planning. Click on Services for a complete list.

We can help you in the areas of:

  • Lift traffic analysis/ elevator traffic analysis.
  • Lift concept design and planning (elevator concept design and planning).
  • Lift energy consumption/ elevator energy consumption.
  • Pedestrian traffic analysis.
  • Lift electrical design (elevator electrical design).
  • Cost-benefit analysis for new lift/elevator and escalator projects.
  • Research & Developments in the area of vertical transportation systems. 

Railways:  We have special expertise in Railways and heavy duty escalators.  We are registered under the Link Up Achilles Scheme for supplying railways in the United Kingdom. Our Link Up ID number is:  19820. For examples of railway projects, click here.

For a list of published paper by Dr. Lutfi Al-Sharif, please refer to Papers & Articles.

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